Old Wooden Trunk

This weekend I’ve been repainting a lovely old wooden chest I found in a second hand shop. It was already in quite a nice ‘shabby’ condition, painted in black but nicely chipped. I debated whether to just polish it up, but there was a tiny bit of filling to do to, so i thought I would repaint it. And I’m glad I did because I have discovered the most gorgeous colour combination of ‘Driftwood’ over ‘Slate’ (all Old Fashioned Milk Paint of course!)

First of all I cleaned it up and rubbed it back a little. Then I gave it two coats of Slate, the first mixed with some Extra Bond, as I wanted a solid colour base with no flaking. Slate is quite a strong blue-grey and I had a hunch it would work well with a buff/brown, so I decided to try Driftwood as a topcoat, rubbed back to show the Slate. Then something quite nice happened – I mixed the Driftwood with just a little too much water so it was thinner than I intended, but when I started painting the almost bronze colourwash over the Slate looked amazing. I did thicken the Driftwood a little more for the main body of the chest, but left the colorwash effect on all the raised panels and edges. (You can achieve the same effect by painting with normal thickness then immediateyl rubbing back gently with a damp cloth).

Here is the result…..I really love this effect and I am now trying out a similar approach using Driftwood mixed with 50% Snow White, which takes it to a lovely taupe, almost like a Farrow and Ball ‘Old White’.

Driftwood Colourwash over two coats of Slate

Driftwood Colourwash over two coats of Slate

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