Using Milk Paint on Kitchen Cabinetry

I have been milk painting pretty constantly since the New Year, both at home and in new and restored products for The Blueberry Store. I am hoping to get some pictures uploaded this weekend, and I PROMISE to be doing that regularly from now on. To be honest my problem is always getting good quality photos to share – I need a new camera, but it’s probably more to do with my poor photography skills! – so that is something I am working on.



In the meantime, I have some great images and posts to share with you from the Old Fashioned Milk Paint’s Facebook page and website, starting with this one from January, featuring  a brand new kitchen.

This is a great example of the richness and beauty of milk paint colours when used as solid colours on new wood (here they have used Lexington Green), particularly in the high end cabinet of this gorgeous kitchen. This is three solid coats, with a low sheen glaze to finish. But this is so easily achieved using this paint, it really is so forgiving and easy to use. You could achieve the same finish painting any small shelf on storage box in bare wood.

Lexington Green Milk Painted Kitchen Un

             Lexington Green Kitchen


Of course, it is so versatile that you can also use it to great effect as a colour wash, especially over a contrasting solid milk paint colour, or get that really distressed look by painting over old paint or varnish, so that it chips and flakes. The possibilities are really endless, and I will be showing you how to use it to achieve all these types of finish right here in my blog.


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