Mixing with Snow White

Ok, so I’ve recently looked at the different options you can achieve with milk paint, including a solid colour, colourwash and a chippy finish.

This week I thought I would just share a couple more recent projects which show some more Old Fashioned Milk Paint colours, lightened by mixing with Snow White.

By diluting colours in this way, the shades and hues you can achieve from the 20 base colours are almost endless – you can see the possibilities from this colour-chart. Obviously it’s not possible to truly represent paint colour on screen, but it does demostrate the colour versatility. And this really isn’t an exact science; If you want consistency, do measure, but when mixing with Snow White to lighten (or any two colours to achieve even more options), just mix until you like the colour  – it will not change when you paint it on. (Just make sure you have enough for the project as you you may have trouble getting that shade again if you do it by eye rather than measuring).

I recently painted an old Ikea coffee table and a pine bookcase in Driftwood diluted about 50% with Snow White, which results in a lovely grey/taupe shade. This is the perfect colour incidentally for making wood or other materials look like stone (for example turning a cheap planter into a Grecian style lamp base – but that’s for another day!) In both these cases, I put two coats of this diluted Driftwood over a base coat of slate, allowing some of the slate to show through in places. I love these two colours together. DSC00037 (2)DSC00039DSC00041 (2)

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