Crackle Glazing

I wanted to talk a bit this week about our fabulous Crackle Glaze product. This one is produced by Old Fashioned Milk Paint for use with their paint, but to be honest it works brilliantly with  all sorts of paints. OFMP recommend using it in between the first and second coat of milk paint, But I have found it works just as well over any previous oil or water based paint finish, and then with a final coat of milk paint (or any water based paint) over the top.

For example, I had painted this lovely mirror in Farrow & Ball eggshell (in Lime White) some years ago (see the ‘Before’ Picture). Although there was nothing wrong with it, it just wasn’t quite the right shade for our new F & B ‘Off White’ walls. But rather than just repaint with a plain colour, I decided a crackle glaze effect would give it a nice Grecian feel. So, I simply cleaned the paintwork and brushed over a coat of Crackle Glaze. It’s best to allow it to dry for a couple of hours before re-painting.

I then finished with a coat of ‘Oyster White’ Old Fashioned Milk Paint. The trick with the final coat of paint however, is to make sure your brush confidently in one direction, ONLY ONCE over each area. Don’t re-brush over the same area, or it won’t crackle.

Then just watch the magic happen. It starts crackling almost immediately, and within half an hours dries hard in the stunning crackled finish. Actually, it is far more stable than the random ‘chipping’ that can happen without the crackle medium in between, and the crackles take on a more ‘sophisticated’ appearance somehow. It doesn’t continue to flake in the same way as it can do when you just milk-paint over old finish. I would still recommend sealing with varnish on items which might get knocked or exposed to moisture, but I didn’t bother with this mirror as it’s in the dining room.

It is difficult to see effect in the photo, but you can see more clearly on the top of the frame (and in the close-up). This effect looks great on all sorts of things…particularly vases, planters, frames and furniture, and is brilliant for giving something a completely new look. Give it a try!


DSC00046Crackle Glaze 1 Crackle Glaze closeup

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