Recreate New England in the Fall with Mustard and Pitch Black Milk Paint


Well, it feels like Autumn now so I am definitely ready to get into the season with some classic ‘Fall’ colours in Old Fashioned Milk Paint.  I have to confess, Autumn is my favourite season – I love the colours and I guess that goes hand in hand with my love of colonial style.



I found the perfect thing to paint with these two vintage kitchen chairs; they were definitely in need of some tlc, so I thought I would paint one in the ever popular ‘Pitch Black’, and the other in Mustard. I sanded them really well, so there was no shine left on them, but of course that is still no guarantee of adhesion with the milk paint. I decided I would paint the Pitch Black without any ‘Extra Bond’, and the mustard with, to compare how they would turn out. Of course, I know I still had the option of distressing the the Mustard (which I always want to do to some degree), but it would be under my control. The Pitch black would be left as a surprise!


Here are the chairs after two coats, but before any finishing or waxing. Already you can see the black has chipped quite a lot, compared to mustard, which looks almost pristine at this stage. As always, I left the paint to ‘cure’ for a couple of days…..not essential always best I think, to make sure the chipping has finished, and to just let the paint settle.

Then I set about lightly sanding the Mustard chair with a sanding block and medium grade sand paper where I wanted to ‘distress’ it, including just picking around the base of the spindles where you would expect to see it chip over time. I then finished by rubbing it all over with a very fine grade flexible sanding sponge, which is also great for getting into all the nooks and crannies. With the black Chair however, because it had already chipped quite heavily, I really just wanted to preserve that natural process where it was and not try to distress it further. So in that case, I just used the sanding sponge to give it a nice smooth finish. Finally, a coat of finishing wax to seal it and leave a slight sheen (often I use flat matt acrylic varnish but I felt these would look more authentic with a wax finish).

And After….


DSC00049 (2)

DSC00050 (2)

DSC00045 (2)



And here are the finished pieces. I have to confess, I really love the Mustard. You wouldn’t think so, but it never fails to amaze me how great it looks in a whole host of colour schemes, and, despite being a really rich colour, doesn’t overpower at all.

Now, where are those pumpkin candles…..

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