Using Extra Bond and Two Colours of Milk Paint.

The second project I wanted share today was a Shaker style pine bedside cabinet, which I have re-painted using two different colours of Old Fashioned Milk Paint, this time Light Cream over Slate, and using two different distressing techniques to allow the darker colour underneath to show through. This is a process often used by crafters and woodworkers, to imitate the effect of different layers of paint being added over time, and the older colours beneath being revealed as the paint gets chipped or rubbed off over the years.

DSC00100 (3)This bedside cabinet already had a high gloss paint finish, so after sanding off, I also took the precaution of adding Extra Bond to the first coat of Slate. When using Extra Bond, you first make up just the amount of milk paint you think you will need for the first coat, and then add equal quantities of Extra Bond. It is then very important to make that first coat nice and thin, to give it a really DSC00099 (2)good ‘grip’. (This is actually always a good idea with the first coat, even when using milk paint on its own). You can see here how it looked after the first coat ….



It needed two more coats of Slate tDSC00114o really give it a good base. Then I decided to apply some Crackle Glaze randomly (not all over)  on the drawer front and the door, before applying two coats of Light Cream. I wanted just these two areas to look much more distressed than the rest of the piece. It worked beautifully.
DSC00115I rubbed it all over with my flexible sanding sponge, paying particular attention to the drawer front and door, to make sure the chipping and crackling was stabilised. Then I went over the corners and edges with sandpaper to distress them by rubbing off the Light Cream to reveal the Slate in those areas as well. I finished with some plain wax on the front and Antiquing Wax on the top and sides.



I love these two colours together – the Slate is actually almost a light Swedish Blue, and goes really well with any lighter shade.

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