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What is Milk Paint?

Authentic ~ Durable ~ Beautiful

Milk Paint is an ancient organic paint made using basic, natural ingredients; milk protein (casein), lime, clay, and earth pigments such as ochre, umber, iron oxide, lampblack, etc. It makes the most colour-durable finish available, and is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, low odour and food safe, containing no chemicals, preservatives, fungicides, hydrocarbons or any other petroleum derivatives.  Home-made Milk Paint has been around for centuries, and is probably the earliest form of paint available. It was heavily used by settlers in North America, and has come to epitomise the character and style of Early American and Colonial architecture and interiors.

The deep, rich colours of Old Fashioned Milk Paint authentically reflect colours found on antique colonial furniture and buildings.  Modern paints cannot compare with the colours and texture of milk paint, and is used for achieving the "old" or "country look" of Colonial or Shaker furniture and interiors. 

Nowadays, milk paint is often used to achieve the matt, chalky finish desired in woodworking or furniture makeover projects. (See my Blog to follow my own Milk Paint projects).

Old Fashioned Milk Paint arrives in powder form to be mixed with water, and can be made up  in small or large batches. It is available in 20 base colours, but you can mix them together to achieve hundreds of colours, or lighten any colour with Snow White.