Warren Kimble "4 Cats" Print 36"x12"

Warren Kimble "4 Cats" Print 36"x12"

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Decorate your home with classic folk art from the renowned artist Warren Kimble. This unframed print comes rolled for home framing.

Warren Kimble

America's best-known Folk Artist, Warren Kimble is nationally recognized for art that conveys warmth and history, as well as sophistication and craftsmanship. His success can be found in the simple and honest themes that resonate with art lovers seeking to celebrate our country. With a skilled hand and a grandfatherly wisdom, Warren Kimble has painted scenes from rural Vermont for more than 50 years. Today, his paintings are among the most recognized pieces of Americana. Incorporating animals, tabletop games and Old Glory with images from farms, small towns and sea shores, Kimble creates folk art that calls to everyone. Kimble also offers whimsical paintings inspired by clever plays on words and modern one-word posters with an old-timey touch.

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